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This is the test site for the ox-hugo package for Emacs/Org-mode.

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Inline equations

tags: equations mathjax


Inline and one-per-line equations


For example, below in Org:

LaTeX formatted equation: \( E = -J \sum_{i=1}^N s_i s_{i+1} \)

will look like this in Hugo rendered HTML:

LaTeX formatted equation: \( E = -J \sum_{i=1}^N s_i s_{i+1 }\)

(Don’t see this in Markdown, see what it looks after Hugo has processed it.)

Here’s another example, taken from (org) LaTeX fragments.

Below in Org:

If $a^2=b$ and \( b=2 \), then the solution must be either
$$ a=+\sqrt{2} $$ or \[ a=-\sqrt{2} \]

renders to:

If \(a^2=b\) and \( b=2 \), then the solution must be either \[ a=+\sqrt{2} \] or \[ a=-\sqrt{2} \]

(Note that the last two equations show up on their own lines.)

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