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ox-hugo Test Site

This is the test site for the ox-hugo package for Emacs/Org-mode.

It is updated automatically after each commit to the ox-hugo repo. It was last updated on May 09, 2019 04:21 UTC.

This page was created/modified in commit f0dd0e2 "Support image copying for the homepage branch bundle case" on 2018-04-23.
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Image in homepage branch bundle:


Details and summary

(Last modified on Mon Apr 29, 2019)

Details disclosure elements <details> and <summary>.

Alert Shortcode Lookalike

(Last modified on Mon Apr 29, 2019)

ox-hugo Issue #119 Below doesn’t export to an alert shortcode, but the exported Markdown contains HTML that resembles the shortcode code (Courtesy: hugo-academic theme): <div class="alert alert-{{ .Get 0 }}"> {{ .Inner }} </div> There are few days to mimic that. CSS Source for alert CSS Note 1 The ox-hugo test site is not using FontAwesome, so using the unicode symbols 🛈 and ⚠ instead. Note 2 Also, due to the limitation that Markdown text cannot be simply wrapped in div, a hack is used, that requires using an empty div pair.

Image links

(Last modified on Mon Apr 29, 2019)

This is some text before the first heading of this post. Unclickable image (works!) # Org source #+name: fig__unclickable_image #+caption: Don't click this image -- It's not a hyperlink [[/images/org-mode-unicorn-logo.png]] Figure 1: Don’t click this image – It’s not a hyperlink To be fixed (Now fixed): The sub-headings in a post get exported as Heading 1 instead of Heading 2. For example, this sub-section’s heading is exported as:

Single Post with TOML front matter

(Last modified on Mon Apr 29, 2019)

Some description for this post.

Post heading with crazy characters

(Last modified on Mon Apr 29, 2019)

Releasing version 1.1 Foo ( Bar ) Baz (Foo)Bar.Baz&Zoo . → dot & → and C++ + → plus Hey! I have a link here (Awesome!) Este título es en español Non-English titles ÂÊÎÔÛ ÁÉÍÓÚÝ ÀÈÌÒÙ ÄËÏÖÜ ÃÐÑÕÞ Ç Headings with HTML Checklist [1⁄3] Above title would render to Checklist <code>[1/3]</code> in Markdown. DONE Item 1 Above would render to <span class="todo DONE_">DONE </span> Item 1 in Markdown.

Replace "description" with "summary"

(Last modified on Mon Apr 15, 2019)

This should be rendered as .Summary in Hugo v0.55+. For only Hugo versions, this will front-matter can be retrieved only as .Params.summary.

post 1

(Last modified on Mon Mar 18, 2019)

This post will be exported.

Italicize links with underscores

(Last modified on Sun Mar 10, 2019)

Test that links with underscores can be italicized/emboldened/both.

Blackfriday-specific escaping in equations

(Last modified on Thu Feb 7, 2019)

Test to check that the backslashes are correctly escaped.

Multifractals in ecology using R

(Last modified on Thu Feb 7, 2019)

Disclaimer This post is from the link posted by GitHub user lsaravia in this comment. All credit for this post goes to the original author. Multifractals Many natural systems cannot be characterized by a single number such as the fractal dimension. Instead an infinite spectrum of dimensions must be introduced. Multifractal definition Consider a given object \(\Omega\), its multifractal nature is practically determined by covering the system with a set of boxes \(\{B_i( r)\}\) with \((i=1,…, N( r))\) of side length \(r\) These boxes are nonoverlaping and such that

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introstring "This is the test site for the <a href=\"https://github.com/kaushalmodi/ox-hugo\">\n<code>ox-hugo</code></a> package for Emacs/Org-mode.\n"
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This site is generated using the ox-hugo package for Emacs/Org-mode + hugo-bare-min-theme + Hugo 0.56.0-DEV (commit 24576909, using Chroma commit 26f03cb) .
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