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ox-hugo Test Site

This is the test site for the ox-hugo package for Emacs/Org-mode.

It is updated automatically after each commit to the ox-hugo repo. It was last updated on Nov 30, 2022 23:38 UTC.

This page was created/modified in commit f0dd0e2 "Support image copying for the homepage branch bundle case" on 2018-04-23.
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Image in homepage branch bundle:


Parsing lastmod from LOGBOOK

(Last modified on Thu May 12, 2022)

If LOGBOOK has multiple entries of "- State "DONE" from ..", use the newest entry to parse the lastmod date from.

Parsing date from LOGBOOK

(Last modified on Thu May 12, 2022)

Parse the date from an entry like "- State "DONE" from "DRAFT" [2018-09-06 Thu 11:25].

Verse for indentation

(Last modified on Tue May 10, 2022)

Some text before indented text. Text indented by 4 spaces Org removes indentation from the first line of the text block even in a Verse block. To get around that, the trick is to use the > character before the required indentation spaces only on the first non-blank line in a Verse block. Only that first > character is removed when translating to Markdown. More examples # More indentation than in the above example:

One verse

(Last modified on Tue May 10, 2022)

To preserve the line breaks, indentation and blank lines in a region, but otherwise use normal formatting, you can use the verse construct, which can also be used to format poetry – Reference. Below verse should render in red. Great clouds overhead Tiny black birds rise and fall Snow covers Emacs – AlexSchroeder

Consecutive verses

(Last modified on Tue May 10, 2022)

Tyger Tyger, burning bright, In the forests of the night; What immortal hand or eye, Could frame thy fearful symmetry? In what distant deeps or skies. Burnt the fire of thine eyes? On what wings dare he aspire? What the hand, dare seize the fire? – “The Tyger” by William Blake Some parts can be bold Some can be monospace Some can be italic too. What is this life if, full of care,

Menu with nested maps

(Last modified on Mon May 9, 2022)

Test menu front-matter with nested maps.


(Last modified on Tue May 3, 2022)

Results from static site search implemented using Fusejs, jquery and mark.js. – Source

Post with menu 5 (HUGO_MENU as keyword)

(Last modified on Tue May 3, 2022)

Post with menu 4 (HUGO_MENU as keyword)

(Last modified on Tue May 3, 2022)

Post with menu 3 (HUGO_MENU as keyword)

(Last modified on Tue May 3, 2022)

This site is generated using the ox-hugo package for Emacs/Org-mode + hugo-bare-min-theme + Hugo 0.101.0 (commit 466fa43c16709b4483689930a4f9ac8add5c9f66) . This site is powered by Netlify.
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