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This is the test site for the ox-hugo package for Emacs/Org-mode.

It is updated automatically after each commit to the ox-hugo repo. It was last updated on Dec 03, 2021 15:53 UTC.

This page was created/modified in commit f0357fa "Fix breaking tests and add new tests for backslash escaping" on 2021-09-15.
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Blackfriday-specific escaping in equations

categories: upstream

tags: equations mathjax escaping blackfriday


Test to check that the backslashes are correctly escaped.


ox-hugo Issue #138


\[ C(w,b) = \frac{1}{2n} \sum_x{{\|y(x)-a\|}^2} \]

\\ at EOL → \\\\

\begin{align} a^1 &= x \\
a^2 &= σ(W^2a^1 + b^2) \\
a^3 &= σ(W^3a^2 + b^3) \\
⋯ \\
a^L &= σ(W^La^{L-1} + b^L) \\
y &= a^L \end{align}

Same as above, but without space before the \\ at EOL

\begin{align} a^1 &= x\\
a^2 &= σ(W^2a^1 + b^2)\\
a^3 &= σ(W^3a^2 + b^3)\\
a^L &= σ(W^La^{L-1} + b^L)\\
y &= a^L \end{align}

\{\\{, \}\\}

ox-hugo Issue #258

\begin{equation} \phi_j(x) = \mathrm{exp}\left\{ - \frac{(x - \mu_j)^2}{2s^2} \right\} \end{equation}

x <0 \\

ox-hugo Issue #348

\begin{equation} \begin{cases} u_t = ku_{xx} \\
u(x,0) = T_1 , & x <0 \\
u(x,0) = T_2 , & x > 0 \end{cases} \end{equation}

[ .. ]( .. ) in a LaTeX equation

ox-hugo Issue #349

In the below equation, without the escaping hack, the Markdown parser gets fooled into thinking that [ e^{at} \right](z) is a Markdown link!

\begin{equation} \mathcal{L}\left[ e^{at} \right](z) = \frac{1}{z-a} \end{equation}

Backslashes within a LaTeX equation

ox-hugo Issue #458

Double backslashes (\\) should be escaped: \[\sum_{\substack{0<i<m\\0<j<n}}\]

A backslash before any ASCII punctuation character should be escaped, for example, \,, \;, \:, \! are used to control the width of spacing: \[ab\] \[a\ b\] \[a\,b\] \[a\;b\] \[a\:b\] \[a\!b\]

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