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ox-hugo Test Site

This is the test site for the ox-hugo package for Emacs/Org-mode.

It is updated automatically after each commit to the ox-hugo repo. It was last updated on Nov 30, 2022 23:38 UTC.

This page was created/modified in commit 16be913 "test: Add more LaTex fragment examples for dvisvgm" on 2022-04-06.
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Equations exported to SVG (dvisvgm)

tags: equations dvisvgm dont-export-during-make-test


Exporting LaTeX equations as SVG images.


ox-hugo Issue #327

Example of an inline equation: \[ a + b \]

Testing $ .. $ inline equations from ox-hugo Issue #611 : Let us try an inline formula like $p \to q$. Does this work? $r \to s$

Example of a block equation:

C = W\log_{2} (1+\mathrm{SNR})

Referencing to equation labels does not work when LaTeX equations are exported as images.

tikz #

ox-hugo Issue #565

  \draw[gray, thick] (-1,1) -- (1,-1);

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