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This is the test site for the ox-hugo package for Emacs/Org-mode.

It is updated automatically after each commit to the ox-hugo repo. It was last updated on Jul 10, 2023 15:55 UTC.

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Citation Forms

tags: citations pandoc forms


Demonstrating different styles / forms of citations


Citations in square brackets #

The citations withing square brackets will be rendered within parentheses.

Blah blah [see @doe99, pp. 33-35; also @smith04, ch. 1].

Blah blah (see Doe 1999, 4:33–35; also Smith 2004, ch. 1).

Blah blah [@doe99, pp. 33-35, 38-39].

Blah blah (Doe 1999, 4:33–35, 38–39).

Blah blah [@smith04; @doe99].

Blah blah (Smith 2004; Doe 1999).

Citations with author name suppressed #

A minus sign (-) before the @ will suppress mention of the author in the citation. This can be useful when the author is already mentioned in the text.

Smith says blah [-@smith04].

Smith says blah (2004).

In-text citations (no square brackets) #

@smith04 says blah.

Smith (2004) says blah.

@smith04 [p. 33] says blah.

Smith (2004, 7:33) says blah.

Actual citations for this test post :) #

See Xie (2017); “Bibliographies and Citations / Citations” (n.d.) for more.

References #

“Bibliographies and Citations / Citations.” n.d. In RMarkdown. RStudio. https://rmarkdown.rstudio.com/authoring_bibliographies_and_citations.html#citations.

Doe, John. 1999. An Awesome Revelation. 3rd ed. Vol. 4. 10th Series. The address: Publisher Foo.

Smith, Adam. 2004. The Book on Life. 1st ed. Vol. 7. 99th Series. The address: Publisher Bar.

Xie, Yihui. 2017. “Adding Citations to Posts.” https://blogdown-demo.rbind.io/2017/08/28/adding-citations-to-posts/.

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