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Citation Forms (Custom CSL)

tags: citations pandoc forms csl


Demonstrating different styles / forms of citations using APA CSL


Citations in square brackets #

The citations withing square brackets will be rendered within parentheses.

Blah blah [see @doe99, pp. 33-35; also @smith04, ch. 1].

Blah blah (see Doe, 1999, pp. 33–35; also Smith, 2004, ch. 1).

Blah blah [@doe99, pp. 33-35, 38-39].

Blah blah (Doe, 1999, pp. 33–35, 38–39).

Blah blah [@smith04; @doe99].

Blah blah (Doe, 1999; Smith, 2004).

Citations with author name suppressed #

A minus sign (-) before the @ will suppress mention of the author in the citation. This can be useful when the author is already mentioned in the text.

Smith says blah [-@smith04].

Smith says blah (2004).

In-text citations (no square brackets) #

@smith04 says blah.

Smith (2004) says blah.

@smith04 [p. 33] says blah.

Smith (2004, p. 33) says blah.

Actual citations for this test post :) #

See Xie (2017); “Bibliographies and Citations / Citations” (n.d.) for more.

Compare the References section below with that when using the default CSL.

References #

Bibliographies and citations / citations. (n.d.). In RMarkdown. RStudio. https://rmarkdown.rstudio.com/authoring_bibliographies_and_citations.html#citations

Doe, J. (1999). An awesome revelation (3rd ed., Vol. 4). Publisher Foo.

Smith, A. (2004). The book on life (1st ed., Vol. 7). Publisher Bar.

Xie, Y. (2017). Adding citations to posts. https://blogdown-demo.rbind.io/2017/08/28/adding-citations-to-posts/

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