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This is the test site for the ox-hugo package for Emacs/Org-mode.

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Citation Linking

tags: pandoc citations link-citations


Auto-link citations from post body to the citation in References section.


Here is a test example file with an in-text citation where someone important says something important (e.g. Loncar (2016)). And here is another bit of blah with a footnote citation.1


Eilan, Naomi. 2016. “You Me and the World.” Analysis 76 (3): 311–24.

Giovanelli, Marco. 2016. “"...But I Still Can’t Get Rid of a Sense of Artificiality" The Reichenbach–Einstein Debate on the Geometrization of the Electromagnetic Field.” Studies in History and Philosophy of Science 54: 35–51.

Loncar, Samuel. 2016. “Why Listen to Philosophers? A Constructive Critique of Disciplinary Philosophy.” Metaphilosophy 47 (1): 3–25.

Thompson, Morgan, Toni Adleberg, Sam Sims, and Eddy Nahmias. 2016. “Why Do Women Leave Philosophy? Surveying Students at the Introductory Level.”

  1. See (Thompson et al. 2016). ↩︎

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