Blogging Flow

There are 2 major blogging flows that can be used with this package:

  1. One post per Org subtree (preferred)
    • Export only the current post Org subtree, or
    • Export all valid Hugo post subtrees in a loop.
  2. One post per Org file
    • This works but you won’t be able to leverage Org-specific benefits like tag and property inheritance, use of TODO states to translate to post draft state, auto weight calculation for pages, taxonomies and menu items, etc.

See the Org Capture Setup page to see how to quickly create new posts.

See the Auto-export on saving page to learn how to setup up seeing live-preview of the Hugo-rendered HTML each time you do C-x C-s in the Org file. That section explains how to set that up for either of the above two blogging flows.

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