Real World Examples

Here are some examples of sites generated using ox-hugo + Hugo.

If you too have a site generated using this package, and have the Org source of your site public, feel free to open a PR (updating just users.toml) to add yourself here, or open an issue.

AuthorSiteOrg SourceLast Updated*
Kaushal Modi πŸ” doc 2019/07/29
Kaushal Modi πŸ” content-org 2019/08/02
Kaushal Modi πŸ” content-org 2019/08/02
BloggerBust πŸ” content-org 2019/07/03
Aaron Baugher πŸ” Org file
Alex Murray πŸ” org 2019/08/14
Alasdair McAndrew πŸ” content-org 2019/06/19
KK πŸ” repo root 2019/08/16
GΓΆktuğ Kayaalp πŸ” repo root 2019/04/09
Ben Ford πŸ” repo root 2019/02/19
Diego Zamboni πŸ” content-org 2019/05/03
Cole Lyman πŸ” content-org 2018/11/10
derui πŸ” content_org 2019/07/24
Daniel Molina πŸ” content_org 2018/11/13
Doug Davis πŸ” repo root 2019/08/09
Dominik Schrempf πŸ” org 2019/03/01
Evgeni Kolev πŸ” content-org 2018/12/22
Alejandro Alcalde πŸ” content-org 2019/07/17
Rakhim Davletkaliyev πŸ” content-org 2019/04/22
Benjamin Slade πŸ” content-org 2019/08/04
Benjamin Slade πŸ” content-org 2019/07/05
emacsun πŸ” content_org 2018/06/03
Emilio J. PadrΓ³n GonzΓ‘lez content_org 2019/02/26
Adolfo AntΓ³n Bravo πŸ” repo root 2018/09/04
grugrut πŸ” draft 2019/04/29
yuki πŸ” src 2019/08/16
Jack Baty πŸ” org-content 2019/07/03
jarss πŸ” repo root 2019/08/03
Jethro Kuan πŸ” org 2019/08/13
junahan πŸ” org 2019/07/08
Justin Barclay πŸ” repo root 2019/02/03
Ken Grimes πŸ” repo root
Pierre Karashchuk blog-org 2018/01/02
lowkey2046 πŸ” content-org 2019/05/03
Maciej Kula πŸ” repo root 2018/07/29
Colin McLear πŸ” repo root 2019/06/11
Γ“scar NΓ‘jera πŸ” repo root 2019/08/03
Stanislav Arnaudov πŸ” org 2019/07/23
Peter Cheng petercheng 2019/08/02
Puneeth Chaganti πŸ” content-org 2018/08/20
Rakhim Davletkaliyev πŸ” content-org 2019/07/29
Ryan Cummings content-org 2018/09/16
semgilo content-org 2019/01/08
Shane Sveller πŸ” repo root 2019/02/03
Shimmy Xu πŸ” org 2019/07/21
Somssi πŸ” content-org 2018/06/27
Steven Tammen πŸ” org 2019/08/14
stingh711 πŸ” repo root 2018/06/26
taipapamotohus πŸ” repo root 2019/08/14
Takaaki Ishikawa πŸ” entries 2019/03/30
Puneeth Chaganti πŸ” content-org 2018/02/23
Thomas S. Dye an-archaeologist-reads 2018/10/28
John Wiegley πŸ” repo root 2019/07/16
Vincent Demeester πŸ” content-org 2019/04/18
vinurs πŸ” content-org 2019/07/21
Xianmin Chen πŸ” orgpost 2019/07/04
Zachary Maas πŸ” hugo 2018/07/26
Diego Zamboni πŸ” content-org 2019/07/27

PS: You can also open an issue/PR if you need to get yourself removed from this list.

* The "Last Updated" dates were retrieved when this page was last updated.. on Aug 17, 2019.
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