Requirements for doc contributor #

  • Minimum required hugo version: 0.48

Requirements for code contributor #

  • Org mode version used for tests: 9.4.4
  • Minimum required hugo version: 0.48
  • pandoc and pandoc_site version 2.11.4
About Pandoc
While the end-user does not need Pandoc installed on their machine, a code contributor needs to have both pandoc and pandoc-citeproc installed1. These are needed for make md and make -j1 test steps to work as they use/test the Pandoc Citations feature too.

  1. The Pandoc Citations feature was last tested on <2019-01-03 Thu> with Pandoc version 2.11.4. If you are running an older version, the quickest way to install might be to simply download the latest release archive from Pandoc releases, extract it and put the pandoc and pandoc-citeproc binaries in one of the directories in your PATH. ↩︎

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