Below table shows the translation of Org markup to Markdown markup in the exported .md files.

See the Org source in under Formatting -> General heading and how it exports to Markdown in

Table 1: Org markup to Markdown markup
Org Markdown
*bold* **bold**
/italics/ _italics_
=monospace= `monospace`
~key-binding~ `key-binding`
- if org-hugo-use-code-for-kbd is nil [default]
~key-binding~ <kbd>key-binding</kbd>
- if org-hugo-use-code-for-kbd is non-nil
- Requires CSS to render the <kbd> tag as something special.
+strike-through+ ~~strike-through~~
_underline_ <span class = "underline">underline</span>
- Requires CSS to render this underline class as an underline.
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