Deprecation Notices

EXPORT_HUGO_SECTION* property is now EXPORT_HUGO_SECTION_FRAG<2022-04-07 Thu> #

Reason for this change #

The earlier EXPORT_HUGO_SECTION* property name was not a canonical Org property name because it had an ∗ in its name. It came to light in #615 that an Org built-in feature Org Column was unable to filter/edit that property.

Once that property was renamed to an asterisk-less name: EXPORT_HUGO_SECTION_FRAG, Org Column started working (see the screenshot in PR #616).

Changes needed in user Org files #

Replace “EXPORT_HUGO_SECTION*” with “EXPORT_HUGO_SECTION_FRAG” in all Org files.

Org Hugo Auto Export feature now a minor mode<2019-01-03 Thu> #

Changes needed in user config #

  1. Do not require ox-hugo-auto-export any more!

    • For now, you will get a warning each time you do that require. But in few weeks, the old ox-hugo-auto-export.el file will be deleted from this project, and then doing that require will throw an error.

    The ox-hugo-auto-export.el has been deleted from this project. So doing that require will throw an error now. – <2019-04-15 Mon>

  2. Make these changes in your .dir-locals.el or File Local Variables as applicable:

    Auto-export on save Earlier Now
    Enable (org-hugo-auto-export-on-save . t) (eval . (org-hugo-auto-export-mode))
    Disable (org-hugo-auto-export-on-save . nil) (eval . (org-hugo-auto-export-mode -1))

Summary #

org-hugo-auto-export-mode is a new minor mode that now ships with ox-hugo. So the user doesn’t need to do anything special to install it — it simply autoloads.

As a bonus, now M-x org-hugo-auto-export-mode can be used to toggle the auto-exporting on and off in an Org buffer.

For history behind this change, see #247.
tl;dr: doing the Right thing

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